Canadian Firearms Licence Badge Programme

National Badges is proud to offer exclusively to the Canadians its firearms licence badge program. What a great way than to embellish your firearms licence with a personalized badge.

Several choices of finishs are offered as well as top-quality leather accessories. Your firearms licence number will be engraved on your badge. What will make it unique.

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These badges are conceived to decorate your Canadian firearms licence. They are not official identification.  Only a valid firearms licence is required for the acquisition and\or the possession of a firearm in Canada. These badges ARE NOT an individual authorization to carry a firearm.

The article 130 1b) of the Canadian Criminal Code stipulates that: Everyone commits an offence who not being a peace officer or public officer, uses a badge or article of uniform or equipment in a manner that is likely to cause persons to believe that he is a peace officer or a public officer, as the case may be.

The prices may vary according to the American currency.